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Aesthetic Dentistry

What are the methods used in Aesthetic Dentistry?

Your smile can make you noticeable and make a good impression in all areas. People who have aesthetic concerns often hesitate to laugh, and that’s where aesthetic smile design comes into play.

Teeth Bleaching: Teeth are structurally prone to have darker colors. Knowing this, the biggest problem people who do not care about their oral care face is staining of their teeth. Removing stains on teeth and lighting your teeth color with whitening gels contribute to your aesthetic smile design.

Gingival Aesthetics: Excessive gum appearance while talking or smiling is called ‘gummy smile’. Gum levels can be brought into a pleasant shape with a simple surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia.

Zirconium Teeth: Porcelain dental coverings and dental prostheses have an advantage for aesthetic dentistry because of their their transmittance and tooth-like natural appearance.

Orthodontic Treatment: Although the orthodontic treatment process is long, it is a permanent solution. It has an important role in aligning crowding teeth.

Lamina Porcelain Teeth: It can be said that leaf-like porcelains provide the aesthetic appearance of the trapezoid or colors of anterior teeth.