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Implant Treatment


If there is a missing tooth in the mouth, it can be removed by placing an IMPLANT. Tooth-root-shaped screw-like apparatus is called implant. In order to replace the missing tooth with a new tooth without damaging and loading on other teeth, an implant, which serves as the root of that tooth must be inserted into the jawbone with small surgical operation. Implants are made of titanium and prepared by roughening the surface with special technology. They are highly biocompatible (tissue-friendly), hard, with high durability and very light at the same time.

The implant is placed in the jawline by surgical operation and under local anesthesia. Compared to tooth extraction, it is a much more comfortable method for the patient. The suitability of the jaw region to be implanted is determined by radio-graphic examination and general biological status of the patient. Operation is performed within half an hour depending on the number of implants to be performed. As prevention, antibiotics, noninflammatory drugs and cold compresses are recommended to block any swellings may occur after the operation. On that day, the patient shall not do any intensive activities so there would not be any increase in metabolism and blood pressure. One week later the sutures are removed.

If our patience behave in accordance with our recommendations, they can go through this process without any pain or distress.

The implant, which is mechanically placed on the jaw bone, is waited for approximately 2 months for it to be wrapped with bone cells and integrate with the bone. Then, the screw cap on the upper part of the implant is removed, a metal cap is placed in the mouth and the porcelain crown is placed.

The implants and the porcelain crowns installed on them do not rot and do not break unless they are subjected to an extra force. As long as the person performs oral care properly and does not have any systemic disorder that will affect the biological tissues, they will remain in their place in a healthy stance.

Does pain occur during and after implant?

Implant placement is performed with local anesthesia and it is not a painful procedure. Afterwards, the appropriate medications and cold compresses given by your doctor will prevent further pain.

Does smoking affect the implant?

Smoking is a substance with negative effects on biological tissues. Since implant placement is performed surgically, it is important not to smoke on the day of operation and up until the wound is healed. At a later time, it is safe for smokers to continue smoking if they perform effective oral cleansing to their implanted teeth as they did to their natural teeth.