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Smile Design

Smile Design

When we smile, the health, color and position of the teeth and gums we have givre a positive or negative effect on the expression on our face. If the person is aware that he/she has perplexed, colored teeth and unhealthy gums, he/she cannot fulfill his/her natural smile. While talking and laughing, he/she often tries to keep his/her mouth shut and reflects a timid expression.

A smile design is harmonizing a person’s face type, skin color, lip and teeth structure with a healthy and perfect look.

First of all, the elements that the person feels uncomfortable with are considered. Then, the dentist determines, if any, discolorations in the teeth, caries, tooth fractures and cracks, tooth deficiencies, gaps between the teeth (diastemas), gingival problems, level differences between gum and tooth size and deformations.

Determined problems are solved by taking into consideration factors such as patient’s age, face type, skin color and lip and tooth structure. The patient will have, in the end, the most harmonious smile that will beautify facial expression.

While designing the smile, lamina porcelain (leaf porcelain), full ceramic coatings, zirconium coatings, bleaching applications can be performed in accordance with the needs of the patient. If the teeth have perplexity or gingival problems, plans are made for orthodontic or gingival treatment.