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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism

Since the provision of health care or treatment foreseen to the citizens of the countries constitutes large amounts on their budgets, it has become unavailable in recent years. The fact that European countries can no longer make payments in general health and dental treatments in the previous years has caused the citizens of these counties to turn to cost-effective countries to solve their health problems. Health tourism has developed in order to lower and solve the cost of health problems.

First choice for health tourism for European countries’ citizens is Turkey. The reasons are that the health standards in Turkey are at the same level as Europe, the cost is close to one in four compared to the treatment cost in their home country and the structure of the cultural fabric in the history of our country.

Research shows that people coming to our country for health tourism from other countries are mostly concentrated in eye and dental fields. Turkey’s health technologies are on the highest level. This improves the quality of diagnosis and treatment plus minimizes the time required for the treatment.

Getting the PANORAMIC X-ray in your country and sending it to us via e-mail or shipping it to us will be the first step for planning for your treatment.

When the examination of your panoramic x-ray film is completed in our clinic, you will receive your treatment plan, a detailed report of the time required for your treatment and your cost table.