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Orthodontics and Transparent Plaque

Transparent Plaque Treatment / Invisalign

Transparent Plaque (Invisalign) is a type of orthodontic treatment, also known as wireless treatment. In transparent plates no metal or brackets are used. Customized transparent plates are produced. These plates are made of thermo-plastic material that surrounds the upper and lower teeth strings separately and surround the teeth strings. The number of plaques varies according to the amount of perplexity. It is the least obvious and most comfortable among the transparent braces systems. Therefore, it is popularly known as ‘wireless orthodontic treatment'.

Transparent plaques are not preferred in an advanced orthodontic case. If the orthodontist finds it appropriate to apply this treatment, then the patient’s dental sequences are measured. With the measurements taken, either with virtual images scanned on the computer or with the gypsum models obtained from the measurements, the teeth movements are made gradually. At the end of each stage, transparent teethers (plates) are obtained either by 3D printers or vacuumed thermo plastic plates. The teethers made to fix the teeth are replaced at certain duration (usually every 15 days). In the meantime, the teeth move towards the desired places gradually. This process is repeated until the teeth are at the desired level.

It is extremely easy to remove and clean. A person using Transparent Plaque (Invisalign) can easily take off the teethers before eating or brushing teeth.